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Welcome to Eco Kompakt Container Homes.
Costa Rica's Dedicated Designers and Constructors of Luxury Shipping Container Homes. 



At Eco Kompakt Container Homes, we are revolutionizing the increasingly popular, modular home concept, here in the beautiful Central American paradise of Costa Rica.

Specializing in construction from re-purposed and up-cycled shipping containers, Eco Kompakt offer comprehensive architectural design and construction services. We aid our clients in creating a perfect living space, through every step of a design and construction process, which might otherwise seem daunting and complex.

As strong and durable, pre-formed building blocks, shipping containers compete very well over traditional construction methods, especially here in the tropics.
With correct process applied, we can eradicate many inherent problems associated with tropical construction and living comfort standards.

Eco Kompakt utilize the latest innovations in construction material technologies, coupled with European/US design and build methodologies, to create practical, durable, cost and energy-efficient modular homes. Ultimate attention is given to environmental sustainability and speed of build, typically less than half that of regular method. With up to 30% lower cost, when compared to traditional construction technique, and to equivalent luxury and equipment levels, properly scheduled and managed container construction is tough to argue against.

Please visit our FAQ'S & INFO page for more information, or, send us any questions that you may have, using the Contact Form.


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