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Costa Rica


At Eco Kompakt, we offer a free initial telephone or e-mail consultation, and are happy to provide estimate figures for your project based on the approximate scale and specification level given. If you decide to proceed to survey and design stage, we charge a non-refundable deposit to cover our time and cost in surveying and designing your project. This cost varies dependent on the size of the project and the services required. When you choose us to construct your project, the survey costs are discounted from the final contract value. In any other case, all survey detail, design and specification work, is made available for you to keep and use as you wish.

At Eco Kompakt our service begins with a survey of the proposed homesite. This is to ensure design configuration makes the best advantage of environmental aspects.
For some smaller, single container projects, this may be done remotely by photographic and satellite imagery means, but for larger and more permanent structures, soil samples are taken for analysis to determine foundation requirements, and the positions of existing services are noted to establish the best method and cost of connecting the new home.
For larger projects we utilize aerial drone photography, from which our talented Digital Artist partners can produce life-like renders of the proposed container home, directly onto the imagery of the home-site.
At survey stage, attention is paid to the course of sunlight, direction of prevailing winds, and orientation for aspects such as solar powering.

Once survey work is complete and the correct layout, configuration and orientation of the new container home has been established, we work closely with the customer to determine electrical and powering specifications, design of fitted furniture, sanitary-ware and fitments choices, as well as cosmetic materials and finishes.
From there, we produce life-like 3D interior floor plan drawings to aid in visualizing the completed project at planning stage and make any changes necessary.

Once final decisions are made, we produce a fully written specification and quotation for the project.

If agreeable, a sales contract is prepared and a deposit taken to commence the order.

Construction of a new container home can usually begin with 3-4 weeks after best quality/price container/s have been sourced, and logistical arrangements have been made to deliver them to the site.



When commencement day is decided,
our team will arrive to prepare foundations and route and install the new services, if required.

For typical and permanent container constructions requiring new reinforced concrete pier foundations, the groundwork is done, piers set, and then the concrete is left to harden for 14 days before the containers are lifted into place to be modeled to the design.
At Eco Kompakt, we keep overhead costs down, by undertaking most of the scheduled modeling work on-site, although some aspects are prepared off-site for ease of fabrication and later installation.
This approach helps us to achieve the best and most durable possible standard of finish, while keeping logistical cost and complication to a minimum.
Our professional and site-managed team of welders, framers, electricians, plumbers and finish trades, work diligently and efficiently to produce the best quality results in the shortest possible time-frame.