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At Eco Kompakt, we offer a free initial telephone or e-mail consultation, and we are more than happy to provide estimate figures for your proposed project, based on the approximate scale and specification level given, from square feet or meter estimates.
We do not prefabricate container homes and deliver them.
Our container homes are constructed at the home-site, with approved Architectural drawings, detail and full permitting, in adherence with Costa Rican planning law, and with all fees and taxes paid, for permanent and legal construction work.


Pre-contract works, design and permitting.

When we have agreed a scope and budget with a client for a new project and a decision is made to proceed, our first steps are to procure all the necessary documentation and information about the property, for Architectural work and to accompany the permit applications to the Architectural Institute and Municipality. 

Once we have all of the necessary information, we arrange to visit the property to conduct a site survey.
Under survey, we will note the general aspecting of the construction area for best design of roof shading, placement of glass, direction to views and of prevailing breezes etc, to create a design which best suits the conditions at the property.
We will take soil samples for analysis and measure the distances for connection to water and electricity infrastructure.
We will take note of any tree-work, excavating, fill work or scrub-clearing, necessary to enable a new construction, and so that we can cost accordingly.

Once all of this information is at hand, we will work closely with the client, to produce a final design, and when all is confirmed, we pass the project file to our Architectural partners to create the final construction drawings.  
They forward the process through the Architectural Institute and Municipality to receive the final construction permits.

The cost of our pre-project permitting service is typically 5-6% of the estimated contract value and includes all fees to the Architectural Institute, Municipality and the construction workers insurance policy.
For new or custom designs on larger projects, we can provide life-like digital renderings of designs, and drone work at additional cost.


Main Contract and Construction

With permits ready, we can proceed to contract for the construction phase.

A draft contract is prepared, with all specific detail relating to the project, for final details to be agreed upon.
Once the contract has been detailed to the satisfaction of both Eco Kompakt and our client, the contract is signed by each party and the deposit is made by the client for the first staged payment to commence with the construction.
At this time, we make the applications for water and electricity metering to be installed, and when done, we move our team and equipment to the homesite to begin the construction work.

Our payment scheduling follows with typical Costa Rican construction contract payment staging. The initial deposit draw is 50%, followed by a further 20% on completion of the entire structure, the following 20% on completion of electrical and plumbing installations, drywalling etc, and the final 10% upon completion of all finishes and installations of the construction.

Eco Kompakt do not offer in-house financing and nor do we broker with any finance house.

Our entire permitting and construction process can be concluded on behalf of our clients while they are out of the country, if necessary. 
We receive a simple proxy document from your own Costa Rica Attorney, to carry out all processes in your absence, with each of the institutions that we will need to deal with on the client's behalf.


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